Preventative / Routine Dental Care

Preventive / Routine Dental Care

Prevention is the foundation for better dental health.

Comprehensive initial exam

A thorough evaluation of the patient including a medical and dental history, notation of existing dental conditions. This may include X-rays (as necessary), treatment planning and discussion of any necessary or desired treatment.

Check up exam

Check up exam

Typically done at a hygiene visit for existing patients every 6 months, check up exams are thorough evaluations of soft tissue, the stability of restorations, decay (cavities) and periodontal disease.



Fluoride is an agent applied to teeth in different ways to help prevent tooth decay.

Preventive Sealants

Preventative sealants

A sealant is a resin that is bonded to the chewing surfaces of teeth to help prevent decay from forming in deep grooves.

Digital X-Ray

Radiography is a crucial part of dental diagnosis. With the digital imaging available in our office, we can view areas easier, faster, and more clearly than ever before, all while minimizing a patient’s exposure. Additionally, we can communicate with other providers as instantly as an email allows.

Digital Xray

Creating Good First Impressions
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