Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Do you have denture problems? Missing teeth?

You can eat and speak with confidence! Partial and even full dentures can be replaced with beautiful fixed porcelain bridges. Dental Arts have offered dental implants since 1986.

Dental implants are Titanium post placed into the bone to replace missing roots where teeth have been lost. Implants are used to replace one or several missing teeth such as with “fixed” crowns and bridges. They can also be used to anchor Removable Full and Partial Dentures that are loose. The implant itself is placed into the bone and not visible above the gum line. There are different types of attachments that screw into the implant and exit above the gum line. The visible attachments anchor the crown, fixed bridge, partial or full denture. Implants can actually be stronger and more stable than our own roots.

How Are They Used

  • Single Tooth Replacement - Traditional crown and bridge require preparing surrounding teeth. A single implant is an independent support system for the missing tooth.
    Single tooth replacement implants diagram
    A full denture that is loose and causing sore spots, especially one that cannot be worn at all, is the most compromising dental problem. There are solutions to this problem that use dental implants.
  • Overdenture - An "Overdenture" snaps into place over two or more implants and can be removed by the patient.
  • Fixed detachable bridge - "Bolted" into place onto 4 to 8 implants and can be removed by the dentist as needed.
  • Fixed detachable bridge implants diagram

Creating Good First Impressions
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