How Can the Tooth Fairy Inspire Oral Health?

How Can the Tooth Fairy Inspire Oral Health?

Leaving a tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy has been a childhood tradition passed down for generations. It has encouraged creativity, imagination, and created memories to last a lifetime. But can we also use it as an opportunity to encourage our children towards adapting to good oral health habits? You bet your bottom dollar you can!

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day and what a great opportunity to celebrate the creative minds of our children and to reinforce oral hygiene habits! Here are some fun ideas to lead kids toward instilling good oral health habits!

Instead of Money, Try Mouthwash
Leaving mouthwash, a fun toothbrush, their favorite flavored toothpaste, colorful floss, or other dental tools could result in your child being more prompted to use them since it is from the tooth fairy.

Put a Little Personalization Under that Pillow
Personalization is important. Next time, include a note to your child from the Tooth Fairy. Thank them for their sparkly, white tooth, and even feel free to sneak in a couple of helpful oral health tips! Some ideas the Tooth Fairy can remind your kid of are the importance of flossing every day, brushing twice a day, and using mouth wash, or even how she is very proud of the improvement since the last lost tooth.

Get Crafty
Create excitement in your child by encouraging them to color a sign or card to leave under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy! Creating a brushing calendar for your child to follow leading up to National Tooth Fairy Day can be fun and motivational (Pinterest anyone?). This can motivate them to brush, floss, and rinse regularly as they count down the days until August 22nd! Also, having a tooth-themed movie night can create fun memories for the whole family. Pop in the movie Tooth Fairy and try swapping the sugary sweets for some healthier movie snacks!

Celebrate one of dental care’s little helpers and take advantage of the opportunity to encourage and instill good dental habits early on!

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